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The AMEE CPD Committee will have, as one of its primary goals, to establish AMEE as a global CPD venue.  The Committee was established following discussion at the AMEE Executive Committee Meeting, February 2017.


AMEE has a consistently growing presence in the global CPD community, and is excited that it's CPD Committee is continuing to grow! The AMEE CPD Committee is now accepting nominations for new Committee members. Should you wish to assist AMEE in the inclusion of CPD in conferences and educational courses, please take note of the following importants points.

Please note that Committee membership is limited to 12 - 15 members, and four of these positions are open this term.

AMEE CPD Committee Mission
Advance strategic priorities for continuing professional development that positively impacts health care systems and health outcomes for all.

AMEE CPD Committee Strategic Goals

  • Introduce and advance the quality and efficacy of CPD
  • Increase the awareness of CPD's value
  • Support innovation in CPD
  • Promote and facilitate CPD scholarship
  • Support CPD educators and leaders

Duration of the term:
3 years

Membership requirements:

Applicants must be a member of AMEE and in good standing for the duration of their term

Applicant requirements:

  • Personal statement (max 250 words about how you will contribute to the work and mission of the CPD Committee)
  • Curriculum vitae (max 4 pages)
  • Two letters of endorsement
All documentation for your application is to be submitted electronically in a either word (.doc) or pdf (.pdf) format to the AMEE CPD Committee Chair, Dr Samar Aboulsoud at [email protected] or [email protected]

Important Dates
  • Nominations open: 9 December 2020
  • Nominations close: 1 March 2021
  • Applicants will be notified via email of membership by: 1 June 2021
  • Committee membership commences in September 2021 during the 2021 AMEE conference
If you meet the requirements to apply to be a member of the committee, we invite you to become a member of the AMEE CPD Special Interest Group in order to contribute, share, and interact with CPD professionals from around the world!

Cover letter for AMEE CPD Committee call for new members
CPD Committee Member Profile
CPD Committee Member Application

Any questions can be directed to the AMEE CPD Committee Chair, Dr Samar Aboulsoud, at [email protected] or
[email protected]


The AMEE CPD Committee Nominating Committee


  • Samar Aboulsoud, MD, PhD, MSc Med Ed, FHEA, MAcadMEd (Chair; Editor, MedEdPublish CPD Theme) -  Selected as one of the best 100 Chief Executive Officers in the Arab world in 2017; Dr Aboulsoud is a passionate medical education leader who brings more than 27 years of experience in medicine with experience in strategic leadership, change management and healthcare policy with specific expertise in educational leadership, accreditation and regulation of healthcare systems and healthcare workforce. Dr Aboulsoud worked in several capacities in administration, education, quality and patient care in academic, corporate, government, publishing, and not-for-profit organizations with a long track record of project execution and globally recognized accomplishments. A nationally and internationally recognized leader in continuing medical education, with a deep interest in knowledge management and its effective translation to healthcare practice, with several committee and advisory board appointments and awards.
  • Lawrence Sherman, USA - Lawrence Sherman FACEHP, CHCP is President, Meducate Global, LLC, a US based organisation involved in the assessment of global healthcare education systems worldwide, faculty development fo educators of healthcare professionals , and support of continuing professional development in healthcare worldwide. he also holds an International Development position with the Association for Medical education in Europe. Lawrence has been involved in medical and interprofessional education, with a concentration in continuing education, for 25 years, and has authored numerous scholarly publications and delivered hundreds of presentations worldwide on topics related to medical education. Lawrence is active in the continuing education profession worldwide, with key involvement and participation in organisations, societies, and academic institutions globally. Some of the organisations and include:

             - Asia Pacific medical education Conference
             - Alliance for Continuing Education in the health professions

             Lawrence is the Social Media editor for the Journal for Continuing Education in the Health professions, and is a
             reviewer for the following journals:
             - Journal of European CME
             - Medical Teacher
             - The Asia Pacific Scholar

             Lawrence is a frequent speaker at global healthcare conferences; examples of his presentations include talks at:
             - TEDxMaastricht
             - Singularity University
             - Villanova University

             Frequent lecture topics include:
            - Faculty training
            - Optimising presentation and communications skills
            - Interprofessional continuing education
            - Globalising medical education
            - Humor in medical education
            - Needs assessments and outcomes in healthcare education
            - Customer service in medicine
            - Understanding learners in medical education
            - Healthcare communications
            - Future of healthcare education

            He often moderates consensus panels and curriculum development meetings and also leads the podium skills
            training sessions and faculty development workshops. He also hosted an internet radio show focusing on key
            topics in medical education that is broadcast on the ReachMD platform.
            Lawrence has also been an Educator in Emergency medicine for the Emergency Medical Institute and Center for
            Learning and Innovation of the Northwell health System in Long Island, New York, and has lectured in the Healthcare
            Communications program at the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University, also in New York.

  • Jane Tipping, Canada (CPD Conference Track, CPD Webinar Series) - Jane Tipping is an adult education specialist with an expertise in continuing professional development. She has a background in faculty development, continuing professional education, instructional design, coaching and program evaluation. She, along with others, is the originator of the Foundations in CPD program, the Influencing Change and leadership program (Toronto) ESCEPD (AMEE) and has been instrumental in the establishment of the newly formed AMEE CPD committee of which she is currently co-chair. She has received 3 Innovation in education awards from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada. Jane works part time with the University of Toronto CPD unit and is also a freelance educational consultant. She resides in the Netherlands and ‘telecommutes’.  Jane has worked with several Canadian national associations including the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, the College of Family Physicians of Canada, the Canadian Rheumatology Association, and the Canadian Anesthesiology Association. She has presented at many national and international educational meetings and is well known for her skills in educational design and facilitation.
  • Kathy Chappell, USA (CPD Committee Structure/Communication) - Dr. Chappell is the Senior Vice President of Accreditation, Certification, Measurement, and the Institute for Credentialing Research at the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She is responsible for certification of individual registered nurses and advanced practice registered nurses; and development of certification examinations.  She is responsible for the accreditation of organizations that provide continuing nursing education and interprofessional continuing education; and for accreditation of residency and fellowship programs for nurses.  She also directs the Institute for Credentialing Research, analysing outcomes related to credentialing, and the quality management department.  She holds a baccalaureate in nursing with distinction from the University of Virginia, a masters of science in advanced clinical nursing, and a doctorate in nursing from George Mason University.  She is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and a Distinguished Scholar & Fellow in the National Academies of Practice.
  • Helena Filipe, Portugal (Co-editor MedEd publish-CPD theme, CPD Webinar Series)  - Helena Prior Filipe is a Doctor in Medicine by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon and  an  Ophthalmologist  by  the  Instituto  Dr.  Gama  Pinto  and  the  Portuguese  Medical  Association. She currently practices as a Consultant of Ophthalmology at the Hospital das For├žas Armadas/PL-­EMGFA and at the Hospital SAMS in Lisbon, Portugal.  After  taking  her  Master  degree  in  Medical  Education  by  the  Portuguese  Catholic  University  in  Lisbon,  with  the  thesis  “eLearning  in  Continuing  Medical  Education:  Application  in  a  Learning-­ Teaching  situation  in  Ophthalmology”,  she  has  been  involved  in  Continuing  Professional Development (CPD) with a particular interest on the underserved communities and the effective application of multifaceted, trustful and useful Internet based educational resources. As Editor in Chief of the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology website she has been responsible for both its communication and ophthalmic education components.  Serving  the  International  Council  of  Ophthalmology  (ICO)  as  chair  of  the  Committee  for  Continuing  Professional  Development  (CPD)  has  given  her  the  exciting  opportunity  to  work globally  and  to  acknowledge  the  pivotal  role  of  professional  societies  in  CPD.  She  has  led  the  creation  of  the  collaborative,  problem-­based  designed  e-­Book  “ICO  Guide  for  Effective CPD/CME”,  specially  concerning  those  geographically  remote  with  an  interest  in  the  foundational concepts of CPD. Helena is currently responsible for the CPD area of focus within the  ICO  Education  Coordinating  Committee  and  is  presently  engaged  in  a  project  with  the  Congolese Society of Ophthalmology on cataract surgery simulation based learning.  She is a founding member of the AMEE CPD Committee, serves the ARVO CME Committee, the GAME CPD Committee, is a Board Member of the College of Ophthalmology of the Portuguese Medical Association and collaborates with the Department of Medical Education of the Faculty of  Medicine  of  the  University  of  Lisbon.  She  is  a  fellow  of  the  Society  for  Academic  Medical  Education (SACME) and an Associate Fellow of AMEE.  
  • Ming Kuang, China (Editor of the AMEE CPD Committee Website Page) - Ming Kuang is Vice President of the First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Guanghzou. Dr Kuang is a Professor in Hepatobiliary Surgery and Interventional Ultrasound, and Director of  the Cancer Center in FAH, Sun Yat-sen University. As a doctor, Dr Kuang majors in minimally invasive treatments for cancer such as laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, image-guided tumor ablation. Dr Kuang is interested in the mechanism, prevention and treatment of liver cancer recurrence and metastases, and precision cancer research including immunotherapy. In the above-mentioned field, he has published many original articles in Nature Communication, Hepatology, Radiology, Oncogene and Clinical Cancer Research etc. He has achieved eight major grants from the government including Distinguished Young Investigator Grant supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China. Dr Kuang is nowadays one of the top experts in the field of tumor ablation in China, and he was awarded the 'Distinguished Achievement Award' in Asian Conference on Tumor Ablation (ACTA) 2017. Dr Kuang is also Executive Vice Dean of Zhongshan School of Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University. He is now in charge of medical education and international collaboration in both the Medical School and FAH.
  • Alvaro Margolis, Uruguay (GAME representative) - Dr. Margolis is an internist with a Master’s degree in Medical Informatics from the University of Utah (USA). He has held academic positions at the Schools of Medicine and Engineering, University of the Republic, Uruguay (Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine and Center for Postgraduate Studies/CPD Department, School of Medicine; Associate Professor and Coordinator, Laboratory of Biomedical Informatics, School of Engineering). He has been and is a member of international and scientific committees, such as the Global Alliance for Medical Education Board (where he is Chair of Education and Events and President Elect), the Rome Group for CME/CPD, AMEE CME/CPD Committee, Medinfo 2007 and 2010 Scientific Program Committees, the International Journal of Medical Informatics (official journal of the European Federation of Medical Informatics), CME Congress 2008 (Canada) and 2016 (USA), the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)'s Steering Committee for the Global Partnership Program (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • Celine Monette, Canada - Celine Monette is the Chief Executive Officer of Medecins francophones du Canada, a Canadian French physicians' association, since 2008. She is also Past­ President of the Conseil quebecois de deve!oppement professionnel continu  du  Quebec (Quebec  Council of physician's  Continuing Professional  Development).  Manager with over 25 years of experience, her expertise is in strategy, innovation, business    transformation, knowledge management and partnership development. She contributed to the development of provincial and national codes of ethic in continuing professional development. She holds a degree in microbiology from the Universite de Sherbrooke. Her professional development is concentrated in the fields of business management, leadership, organizational capacity-building, change management, knowledge management, continuing professional development and intellectual capital.
  • Ivan Silver, Canada - Dr Ivan Silver has enjoyed a career in medical education focusing on continuing professional and faculty development. He was the inaugural Vice-President of Education at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH, University of Toronto) from 2012-2018.  Prior to this he was the Vice-Dean of CEPD (2005-2011) and    the inaugural director of the Centre for Faculty Development in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr Silver is a full Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, and a practicing geriatric psychiatrist at CAMH. He is continuing his education research and scholarship in the areas of feedback, professionalism, life-long learning, the imposter syndrome and continuing professional and faculty development.
  • Graham McMahon, USA - Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®), and Adjunct Professor of Medicine and Medical Education at Northwestern University. The ACCME sets standards for high-quality continuing medical education (CME) that improves physician competence and performance and contributes to healthcare improvement for patients and their communities. Dr. McMahon directs the ACCME systems for accrediting national and international CME providers, recognizing state and territory medical societies as accreditors for intrastate CME providers, and designating non-US accreditors as substantially equivalent to the ACCME. He co-directs Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education™.
  • David Davis, United Arab Emirates (Parliamentarian) - Dave Davis, MD, CCFP, FCFP,  was a family Physician in Ontario, Canada for nearly forty years, from 1970 - 2008. For much of that time, he was active in continuing education at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington, Onatrio; Director and subsequently chair of Continuing Education at McMaster University's innovative Faculty of Health Sciences; Associate Dean, Continuing Education, Faculty of Medicne, University of Toronto; Chairman of Ontario's Guidelines Advisory Committee. In 2008, Dave left Canada to become Vice President for Continuing Education and Improvement at the Association of American Medical Colleges, in Washington DC. In 2016, he and Maureen moved to Dubai where he and colleagues created the Center for Outcomes and Research in Education (CORE) at a new medical institution, Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine & Health Sciences. In medical education, he is published nearly two hundred peer-reviewed papers, abstracts and book chapters, and three major books on continuing education. later in life, Dave has discovered a love of creative writing, publishing short essays in the Hamilton Spectator. Most recently, his first novel, "A Potter's Tale", will be published by Story Merchant Books, Los Angeles. Dave is the proud father of two, and grandfather to two active amazing boys. He and Maureen have been married for over fifty years, he divides his time between Dundas, Ontario, Fort Myers Beach Florida and Dubai.
  • Reinhard Griebenow, Germany - Professor Reinhard Griebenow, MD, PhD is the professor for Internal Medicine and Cardiology in the Medical Faculty at the University of Cologne, prior to this Professor Griebenow was the Assistant Medical Director and Head of Training at the Department of Cardiology, Angiology and Diabetology at the Municipal Hospital Cologne-Merheim, University of Cologne (1988 -2017). Professor Griebenow is currently Chairman of the Board of ECSF, Head of the Board at the Academy for Training and Education at the Chamber of Physicians North -Rhine, Dusseldorf, Member of the Board at the Chamber of Physicians North-Rhine, Dusseldorf, member of the Standing Committee for CME at the German Medical Association, Berlin, he is also a member of the German Cardiac Society and on the Editorial Board of JECME and the German Society of Internal Medicine also the European Society Cardiology, the Federal Association of Internists and is a member of the Working Group on Training and CME Politics, Marburger Bund, Berlin
  • Amy Wolfe, South Africa (SIG Liaison; CPD Conference Track; Webinars) - Amy Wolfe obtained her MSc from Rhodes University, South Africa where her passion for continuing adult education began. As a respected medical education specialist in South Africa, Amy is a Medical Education Course Manager and heads up the Crossroads Education Institute which is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. In her current role, she is responsible for working with key opinion leaders to develop stimulating continuing medical education programs in the fields of interventional cardiology, endovascular surgery, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. One of her passions is enabling faculty to engage with their delegates through innovative teaching techniques.  She has played a key role in the establishment of the South African Interventional Society of Cathlab Allied Professionals (ISCAP) and continues to contribute to this society by developing congress programs, training manuals and providing ad hoc training programs. Amy is also involved in running a number of programs for other societies and various individuals.Amy is a member of the AMEE CPD Committee where she assists with acting as the liaison person between the Committee and the CPD Special Interest Group (SIG). Her role on the AMEE CPD Committee also entails being a member of the organizing team for the AMEE CPD congress track, CPD webinars and the annual CPD Committee congress booth.  In order to stay up to date with the latest developments, Amy also travels regularly to both local and international medical and medical education congresses.


The overarching goal of the Committee will be to ensure that CPD is represented in all aspects of AMEE and its offerings.  This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Participation in planning CPD-related sessions at the AMEE annual meeting
    • Review abstracts related to CPD for the annual meeting
    • Plan symposia and other sessions for delivery at the annual meeting
    • Interact with other AMEE Committees to ensure a cohesive approach at the annual meeting
  • Contribute to other AMEE offerings
  • Offer a series of CPD Webinars
  • Representation within other organizations, associations, conferences, and venues that are involve in CPD on a global basis
  • Serve as the voice of AMEE in the global CPD community


The next face-to-face meeting of the Committee will take place during AMEE 2019, Vienna, Austria


As an AMEE member you are welcome to attend the open meetings held during AMEE conferences to find out what the Committee is working on and to have your say in what AMEE's involvement in CPD should be.

The Argument for CPD

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