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Why MedEdPublish

MedEdPublish (ISSN 2312–7996) is AMEE’s exciting, new innovative approach to publishing in medical and health professions education.

The number of articles published in medical and health professions education has increased at a higher rate than in any other field in medicine.  

Teachers and others involved in health professions education are expected to publish regularly in order to demonstrate scholarship.

As a result, journals such as Medical Teacher receive many more articles than it is possible to publish, and many well-written, methodologically sound articles cannot be published due to space constraints.

Concern has also been expressed about potential censorship by journal editors and reviewers, and it has been suggested that readers as well as experts should have the opportunity to read and decide on the merits and utility of work produced by their peers.


Post-publication promotion

Published articles are picked up by Google Scholar, shared on social media and discussed by the reviewing community online.

If an article achieves a 'Recommended' status it is also indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ).  In July 2019 an application for MedEdPublish to be indexed in PubMed Central was submitted and further applications to other indexing services will be submitted in due course.

For further information on our indexing strategy, please visit the MedEdPublish website

How it Works

  • Manuscripts are built and submitted online
  • Editorial screening is applied
  • Rapid publication of qualifying manuscripts
  • Registered users may give each article a star rating and post a review online
  • 'Recommended' articles are eligible for indexing
  • Dialogue is encouraged between authors and reviewers

Topics Addressed

  • Curriculum planning
  • Learning outcomes
  • Teaching and learning methods
  • New learning technologies
  • Assessment
  • Selection
  • Education management

Articles cover undergraduate/basic training, postgraduate/specialist training and continuing education.

Types of articles published

  • Research articles (New research; Replication of previous studies; Studies with negative findings; Pilot studies)
  • Case studies
  • New education methods or tolls
  • Practical tips and/or guidelines
  • Personal views or opinion pieces
  • Reviews of the literature
  • Reviews of books, reports or resources
  • Reports of meetings and workshops
  • Commentaries (by invitation only)

Interested in Being Involved?

  • Browse the journal free of charge
  • Review or comment on published articles
  • Submit your own manuscript for publication
  • Apply to join our Review Panel

Guidelines for Authors and information about the Review Panel can be found on the MedEdPublish website.

How to submit to MedEdPublish

  • Articles should be submitted online at
  • Submissions must be made by the corresponding author from his/her own AMEE Account (non-members can register for a free account here)
  • For full details of how the publication model works, how to submit an article and up-to-date information on fees and time-to-publication, visit the MedEdPublish website.


MedEdPublish is an official Journal of AMEE

For full details of MedEdPublish please see the website - or contact [email protected]

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