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AMEE webinars offer teachers, trainers, curriculum developers, researchers and anyone with an interest in medical education the chance to join experts and like minded colleagues from around the globe in a live one hour discussion on a key educational topic.

The webinars are delivered using the Zoom platform, allowing full audio and visual communication and interaction between presenter and participants. To take part in a webinar you need a computer with a good internet connection, a headset with microphone (optional) and a webcam (optional).


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Implementing the AMEE Consensus Statement on Planetary Health and Education for Sustainable Healthcare

Presenters: Michelle McLean, Bond University, Australia, Trevor Gibbs, AMEE, Scotland, Caroline Wellbery and Kathleen Leedham-Green, Georgetown University School of Medicine, USA

Date: Friday 28 May 2021

Time: 0900 hrs UK

Summary: The problem will be identified, i.e. the ecological crisis our planet is facing and its impacts on health and well-being. This webinar will outline AMEE's support for sustainability which has led to the development of a Consensus Statement on Planetary Health and Sustainable HC education. The CS is a guide for HC educators as it offers suggestions in terms of learning outcomes, activities and assessment as well as providing a range of useful links for various resources that can be used. Practical examples will be provided.

Most HP curricula do not include planetary health or sustainable health care. The current generation of HP students need to be prepared for dealing with a different world but more importantly need to be a part of the solution through leadership and innovation.

Educational Needs or Gaps to be Addressed:
How to integrate planetary health and sustainable healthcare into the various HP curricula as this will be new for many educators.

Aim/Learning Objectives:
Inform HP educators of AMEE's support for planetary health and sustainable healthcare education and how to use the Consensus Statement to integrate relevant content in the curriculum. Practical examples will be provided.

Format and Interactivity:
Three 'live' presenters (Trevor, Michelle and Kathleen) and one video (Caroline). Participants will be encouraged to identify challenges and strategies for implementing recommendations in the Consensus Statement within their context, which will be summarised and shared at the end. Participants will also be invited to join a network of educators for planetary health and sustainable healthcare.

Anticipated Outcomes:
Discussion about how the CS can guide the integration planetary health and sustainable healthcare into health professions curricula, with practical examples. Networking and collaboration opportunities as well as raising awareness of how sustainable healthcare (or lack of) affects health. Participants will have:
1. Explored and reflected on the Consensus Statement and curricular examples.
2. Identified challenges and strategies for its implementation within their context.

Target Audience:
All HP educators; students; curriculum developers.

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Creating Shared Online Medical Education for the World

Presenters: Daniel Salcedo, Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital, Taiwan, Tao Le, University of Louisville, USA, Yun Weisholtz, ScholarRX, USA.
With Professor Harden, General Secretary of AMEE

Date: Wednesday 23 June 2021

Time: 1600 hrs UK

Summary: Online medical education has become a necessity over the past year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While digital platforms now allow us to reach large, even international audiences at little or no cost, we often find ourselves developing and maintaining custom curricular content in silos despite having limited resources at our institutions. This is a missed opportunity for a global community sharing, outreach and collaboration especially during these extraordinary times.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to - 
1. Identify benefits and challenges to developing open, sharable digital curriculum.
2. Describe case examples of shared curriculum.
3. Discuss digital tools and practical strategies for shared curriculum development.

Content Format and Interactivity:
Webinar format with group interactivity using PollEverywhere or a similar audience response tool. Interactivities include MCQ and free response polls to assess attitudes towards shared repsonses.

Anticipated Outcomes:
This webinar should encourage educators globally to become more engaged in shared online curriculum development. The webinar should generate interest in a planned series of workshops that will provide educators to further develop skills and competencies in developing shared curriculum development.

Target Audience:
This webinar is for educators with an interest in developing open digital curricular materials that can be shared with the global education community.

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