The overall mission of the AMEE Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Committee is to guide AMEE’s TEL and related activities. The focus is on enhancing teaching and learning by the use of general education technologies with special emphasis on the education pedagogies underlying their use. It supports the AMEE Executive Committee in achieving its strategic goals by providing advice and support regarding the AMEE Conference, an eLearning symposium every 3 years, MedEdWorld and online tools for AMEE membership activities.

Our Projects

The TEL community and its individual members give presentations and produce a range of publications dealing with the use of technology in medical education.

Current Projects:

  • Development of a consensus statement on emergent and current trends in eLearning
  • Working with Learning Toolbox to evaluate the success of using it for future AMEE ePosters

    Ongoing / Repeated Projects:

  • AMEE conference abstract reviews, judging of ePosters
  • MedEdPublish reviewing
  • Contributions to MedEdWorld
  • Online meetings (6-7 times per year)
  • Open meeting at the AMEE conference
  • AMEE TEL Committee Innovation Development Grant

    Completed Projects:

  • TEL Symposium: Organised at AMEE Conference 2021 - The lessons learned for using Technology Enhanced Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Associated rapid review published in Medical Teacher
  • At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to online education published ‘Twelve tips for rapidly migrating to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic’ in MedEdPublish
  • AMEE Conference 2021: TEL Committee members provided several TEL themed sessions in the main AMEE Conference and have reviewed technology abstracts
  • ePosters: The Committee has organized judging of ePosters to select the best ePoster presented at AMEE Conference 2021
  • The AMEE TEL Committee Innovation Grant was launched in 2021, with a webinar planned for 2022 to support applicants
  • ASPIRE-to-Excellence: The TEL committee was launched in 2021. The TEL ASPIRE Award recognises institutional excellence in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning

    Our Committee

  • John Sandars, UK (Co-Chair - Events)
  • Daniel Salcedo, Taiwan (Co-Chair)
  • Mike Botelho, Hong Kong
  • David Cook, USA
  • Mary Dankbaar, Netherlands
  • Inga Hege, Germany
  • Peter GM de Jong, Netherlands
  • Poh Sun Goh, Singapore
  • Ken Masters, Oman
  • Rakesh Patel, UK
  • Kalyani Premkumar, Canada
  • Martin Pusic, USA
  • Monika Sobocan, Slovenia
  • Alexandra Webb, Australia
  • Raquel Correia, France
  • Survey: For Practicing Physicians in Europe

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