AMEE has a number of committees focused on the development of key topical areas of healthcare professions education. All committees share the AMEE mission of enabling and promoting collaboration with, and between, a diverse and inclusive global community of health professionals, educators, and other stakeholders to foster scholarship and best practice.

AMEE Committees all follow the general principles of Governance outlined below:

  • As positions become open, there will always be a call for new committee member applications in the AMEE Newsletter and on the AMEE website.
  • Members of an AMEE Committee also need to hold a current individual membership of AMEE.
  • Terms of appointment are fixed (but can vary by Committee).
  • Every Committee will have a minimum of 2 appointed Officers: Chair (or Co-Chairs); Past Chair. A Chair Elect will also be appointed between 12-24 months before the Chair / Co-Chairs step down. Committees may also appoint additional Officers.
  • The Chair Elect is nominated from within the existing committee members and appointed by a vote of existing members.
  • Each Committee can create additional Special Interest Groups / Task Forces/ Sub Committees. Membership of these groups will be at the discretion of the Committee.

AMEE Committees were established to facilitate the Association’s programme in specific areas and to assist members in having a role in AMEE’s activities.

Each committee reports back to the AMEE Executive Committee and Board.

Remit of an AMEE Committee

Our committees contribute to AMEE's mission of advancing best practice and excellence in medical education by:

  • Planning and participation in AMEE’s annual conference
  • Engaging with Stakeholders
  • Engaging with individuals and organisations working in relation to the area addressed by the committee
  • Engaging in collaborative work or projects as appropriate
  • Engaging with AMEE projects and initiatives
  • Informing AMEE members
  • Providing information relating to the work of the committee
  • Maintaining relevant information about the work of the committee on the AMEE website
  • Preparing a twice-yearly report for meetings of the AMEE Executive Committee
  • Promoting scholarly work

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our committees, or thoughts about other areas we should be looking at, email us at:

[email protected]

Theme Committees

Technology Enhanced Learning Committee

The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Committee guides AMEE on enhancing teaching and learning through the use of general education technologies with special emphasis on the education pedagogies underlying their use.

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Postgraduate Committee

The Postgraduate Committee was formed to raise the profile and coverage of postgraduate medical education in AMEE with an additional focus on assisting countries where postgraduate medical education is underdeveloped. The committee cooperates with other committees on research and innovative developments at the AMEE conference and proposes symposia/workshops each year which focus on postgraduate medical education.

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Research Committee

The Research Committee manages a portfolio of scholarly activities which includes two research grant programmes, a research stream within the AMEE conference programme, PhD awards, and the development of resources. The committee believes that it is essential to provide opportunities and support for AMEE members with varying levels of research experience.

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Simulation Committee

The Simulation Committee is responsible for providing advice on how AMEE can engage in and promote simulation-based teaching and assessment, through the inclusion of sessions at the annual AMEE conference, the development of courses, guides and other materials, and the provision of support for AMEE members.

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Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee aims to advance best practice and excellence in the development of health professional academic faculty across the globe. It provides advice to the Executive Committee and AMEE staff on faculty and health professional educator development, and promotes related scholarly work to and among the membership of AMEE. 

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee

The Continuing Professional Development Committee (CPD) aims to advance strategic priorities for CPD that positively impacts healthcare systems and health outcomes for all. It aims to advance the quality and efficacy of CPD, promote and facilitate CPD scholarship, and increase the awareness of the value of CPD in healthcare professions education.

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Fellowship Committee

The AMEE Fellowship Committee encourages health professions educators worldwide to advance their scholarship, strengthen the recognition of excellence at their own institution as well as the global HPE community, and to advance scholarship and career development among the next generation educators.

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