At AMEE we are very fortunate to have a large and diverse team around the world within our community, membership, partners, peers and colleagues. Many people are working hard towards, collaborating and striving to achieve our mission of excellence across Health Professions Education. The core AMEE team, working in Dundee, Scotland, as well as other parts of the UK, is made up of 17 individuals from a range of backgrounds and disciplines.

Our Core Team:

Dr Anne Lloyd

Chief Executive Officer

Tracey Thomson

Head of Operations

Eileen McGinley

Head of Engagement and Communications

Claire MacRae

Head of Education

Liz Baxter

Business Systems Developer

Karen Burnett

Accounts/HR Assistant

Coleen McLaren

Engagement and Marketing Developer

Kerrie McKay

Senior Administrator

Joanne Shanks

Courses Coordinator

Jennifer Parkinson

Project Coordinator

Diana Davidson

Engagement and Membership Coordinator

Louise Russell

Conference Coordinator

Susan Millar

Publication Manager

Prof Ronald Harden

Editor-in-Chief of Medical Teacher

Pat Lilley

Managing Editor of Medical Teacher

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