The Patil Teaching Innovation Award celebrates innovation in relation to teaching and learning methods, assessment and curriculum planning. Many AMEE attendees are practically oriented educationalists, and they are interested in innovations applicable in their daily work. The Patil sessions give them an opportunity to meet other innovators and share their thoughts. The winner of the award receives one free conference registration for the next AMEE conference.

Winner of the 2023 Patil Teaching Innovation Award

2F2 - Using the EPAs to Evaluate Clinical Experience of Dental Students - Development and Pilot Implementation Steps
Sivakumar Arunachalam, Seow Liang Lin, Allan Pau, Vishna Devi Nadarajah, Muneer Babar, Abhishek Parolia, Spoorthi Ravi Banavar, Kirti Saxena, Yogeswari Sivapragasam, Niekla Survia Andiesta
International Medical Univeristy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Abstract submissions for the Patil Teaching Innovation Award have now closed. Information about the 2024 prize will be available early next year.

Appointment of the 2024 Conference Programme Chair

Jen Cleland has been appointed as the Programme Chair of the AMEE 2024 Conference.


Winners of the 2023 Faculty Development Research Grant Announced

We are delighted to announce the recipients of the AMEE 2023 Faculty Development Research Grant.