The Student Initiatives Grant is provided jointly between AMEE and ScholarRx, in line with their aim of promoting improvements in medical education and the development of learning resources in schools around the world in collaboration with students.

The grant aims to support student-led activities designed to improve medical education such as: training workshops/webinars, organisation of conferences, a research activity in medical education or the development of an educational resource.

Information about the next round of Student Initiatives Grants will be posted here when the next submission period opens.

The Award

From the submissions received, four are selected to receive an initial grant of up to £500 as a contribution towards the implementation of the proposed initiative. 
After the initiatives are implemented, success reports are reviewed by the grant working group and an overall winner is selected. 

The winner receives the full grant of up to £2000 to support members of their team to participate in the upcoming AMEE Conference where they present a paper describing their project and its results.



Details on the next round of Student Initiatives Grants will be posted here when the next submission period opens.


How to Apply

Read the following documents for useful tips and information on the application process - the application form will be posted once submissions for this award open.

Eligibility and Criteria

Applicants for the Student Initiatives Grant must have a team formed for their projects, and be either an AMEE Individual Member/Student Member, or a Student of an AMEE Institutional Member.

Each team can only submit one project for consideration and only submissions meeting the following criteria are accepted:

  • Projects that contribute to the improvement of medical education within a university, region or country.
  • Projects that are developed and led by student teams.
  • Projects having a clear goal and objectives, describing the strategy/ methodology and how expected outcomes will be assessed and impact will be evaluated.
  • Projects that can be implemented and evaluated during the 5 months allocated to the implementation stage.


    Examples of Funded Projects

    Explore some of the most recent projects funded by AMEE Student initiatives Grants: 

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    2016 Project  

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