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AMEE is a worldwide organization with over 130 countries represented in our membership and community. Becoming a member makes you part of that global network and opens up the opportunity to innovate, collaborate and inspire with fellow health professions educators, trainers, students and institutions dedicated to improving global health education. 

AMEE membership can help you advance or supplement your career, access specialised resources and information, and demonstrate your ideas through our publications and live events.

Whatever your aspirations, we will support you to learn, develop, and raise the quality of health professions education for everyone. 

Individual Membership 

Whether you are a teacher, trainer, practitioner, or a member of another association/organisation with an interest in health professions education, you can benefit from being part of our membership network. 

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Professionals and Students in Resource Constrained Settings

We believe membership should be open and accessible to everyone interested in the development of health professions education. Individuals or students looking to join AMEE from designated resource constrained countries, may be eligible for this membership type which comes at a significant discount.

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Student Membership

If you are studying towards a qualification in the health professions, becoming a student member of AMEE opens up opportunities for supplementary training, support, and guidance as you progress through your studies and beyond.

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Institutional Membership

For schools, colleges and departments, private or governmental statutory bodies, or institutions and regional associations related to medical/health professions education. Institutional membership of AMEE demonstrates to your students, colleagues, clients, patients, and the public, that you are dedicated to achieving and upholding the highest standards of excellence in health education and practice.

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The AMEE Fellowship Committee encourages health professions educators worldwide to advance their scholarship, strengthen the recognition of excellence at their own institution as well as the global HPE community, and to advance scholarship and career development among the next generation educators.

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AMEE - a welcoming, vibrant community offering meaningful growth opportunities for those new to medical education as well a those with long, decorated careers.
Daniel J Schumacher