AMEE Faculty Development Committee - Call for new Committee Members

The AMEE Faculty Development Committee is currently accepting applications for four new committee members to join the Committee in August 2023.

The principles of AMEE Committee Governance and the remit of an AMEE Committee can be found here.

A listing of current members, as well as a summary of goals and activities of the Committee is also available in the Faculty Development Committee webpage.

As a committee member, you will be expected to hold a current AMEE Individual Membership, participate in bi-monthly conference calls and take responsibility for at least two committee tasks. 

The Committee is seeking help with disseminating Faculty Development news and information to the broader community, working with the online Faculty Development Community, and promoting Faculty Development regionally and internationally. The Committee is also looking for broad geographical representation.

To apply for a member position on the Committee, you will be required to complete an application form which can be accessed below. The application form will also ask you to input a personal statement (500-word limit) and upload a CV. Your personal statement should include a description of why committee membership is of interest to you, your experience in Faculty Development, what skills you feel you would bring to the committee and your contribution to AMEE to date. 

Committee Member Application Form  The application period has now closed.

All applications and supporting materials will be passed on to the Faculty Development Chair and Committee members who will review all applications after the deadline for submissions, which is 28 February, 2023.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

The AMEE Team