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About AMEE MedEdWorld

AMEE MedEdWorld is a global online health professions education community sharing expertise to improve education.

AMEE MedEdWorld is a community of individuals and educational organisations whose purpose is sharing of information, ideas, experience and expertise.

If you have an interest in health professions education you are invited to join the MedEdWorld Community by registering as a user or joining as a member. AMEE membership includes full access to  MedEdWorld; you can log in using your AMEE username and password.

What AMEE MedEdWorld Offers

The AMEE MedEdWorld website and monthly newsletter will help you keep up-to-date with news, developments, and publications in education for the health professions.  The newsletter includes a selection of items published in MedEdWorld over the previous month.

  • News:  Read about the latest education developments, awards, projects, and news from around the globe. Included are reports relevant to health professions education and notes on recent education meetings.
  • AMEE News: The latest news about AMEE including conferences, awards, publications, the ASPIRE-to-Excellence initiative, ESME courses, Medical Teacher, and MedEdPublish
  • Conferences: Provides information about upcoming and past conferences and meetings worldwide relating to healthcare professions education.
  • Courses: Information about a wide range of face-to-face and online courses on healthcare professions education. You can browse the courses by the method of delivery and country. The selection also includes information about PhD level and Masters level courses.
  • Webinars: A regular series of online interactive presentations on topics of interest to health professions education.      The webinars offer an exciting opportunity to engage online with internationally acclaimed experts and like-minded colleagues from around the globe in a live, one-hour discussion.  Recordings are also available to AMEE Members.
  • AMEE Fellowship Profiles:  The profiles of recent AMEE Fellows and Associate Fellows are available and they are also announced in the newsletter.
  • Harden's Blog:  Ronald Harden provides his thoughts on topical matters relating to health professions education.
  • Journal Articles:  Searchable selection of articles on health professions education including papers recommended by AMEE members.
  • Learning Technology:  Learn about the range of available learning technologies recommended to support teaching and assessment.
  • Resources:  Browse through a range of video clips, images, diagrams, and websites. Included is a selection of past AMEE Conference videos.
  • Glossary: Uncertain about a Healthcare Professisons Education term? The Glossary is a dynamic database that is a source of information about the expanding vocabulary used in HPE education. The Glossary of terms is continually being reviewed and extended to include new terms and phrases. The definition of terms used in papers published in Medical Teacher are also added to the glossary.
  • Theses: A selection of PhD, Masters, MD, and other theses.
  • Textbooks:  Valuable information is about key texts addressing health professions education.
  • Reports: A selection of publications relating to health professions education recommended and contributed to by AMEE members.
  • Special Interest Groups:  AMEE MedEdWorld provides a facility for individuals with an interest in specific aspect of education in the health care professions to engage in discussion and share information and ideas with others with a similar interest. Some groups have open access and others are by invitation only.
  • Reflections:  A space where AMEE members can share their thoughts on healthcare professions education practices and their experiences participating in conferences, courses and workshops.

Joining the AMEE MedEdWorld Community

If you have an interest in healthcare professions education you are invited to join the AMEE MedEdWorld Community by registering as a user or joining as an AMEE Member.

AMEE membership includes access to MedEdWorld: login using your AMEE username and password. 


AMEE MedEdWorld offers a variety of advertising options to academic and commercial organisations wishing to target those with an interest in healthcare professions education.

For more information, download the MedEdWorld Advertising Pack or contact the MedEdWorld Team

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