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The AMEE-ESME courses, offered and accredited by AMEE, are aimed at practising teachers in medicine and the healthcare professions, both basic scientists and clinicians. They are aimed at those new to teaching and at teachers with some experience who would like a greater understanding of the basic principles and an update on current best practice. The courses recognise that, with appropriate help, all, even those with considerable experience, can improve their skills in teaching.

Evaluating The Teacher

In this Evaluating The Teacher course we will develop the educator’s understanding of evaluation; both giving and receiving.  We will review the models of evaluation that are available, and consider their strengths and weaknesses in the light of participants’ experiences. The initial discussions will consider the models with which participants are familiar and include considerations of Kirkpatrick’s levels and Maxwell’s dimensions.  The importance of feedback will be discussed as a way of dissecting and improving performance.
There is a strong practical element to the masterclass, which is aimed at developing the participants existing skills.

Facilitator: David Taylor, Gulf Medical University, Ajman

If you have any questions regarding the AMEE-ESME-EtT Course, please contact  [email protected].  

Dates will be announced when scheduled. 

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