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About ESMESim

ESMESim is accredited by AMEE and provides an introduction to essential skills for delivering simulation-based healthcare education through a variety of techniques and technologies.



This masterclass emphasizes guided interactive learning to maximize simulation-based instruction skill acquisition.

Who Should Attend

Open to all healthcare professionals who are interested in improving their simulation-based instructional skills.

Participants may choose to submit, within six months of completion a short report describing the application of the ESMESim competencies in their own teaching practice, leading to award of the ESMESim Certificate in Medical Education.


Facilitators: Ross Scalese (Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA), Luke Devine and Sev Perelman (University of Toronto, Canada)


Future dates to be announced 


We look forward to welcoming you to a course and will work with you to ensure you enjoy the experience and get maximum benefit from participating.

If you require any additional information, please contact us at [email protected] and we would be pleased to assist you.

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