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A high quality online course for teachers in the healthcare professions

About course

The new AMEE Research Essential Skills in Medical Education (RESME) course introduces participants to essential principles and methods of research in medical education. The course curriculum aims at giving participants an understanding of fundamentals concerning research in medical education. 

The course objective is to encourage participants to engage in their own research and to help participants prepare a research proposal for an empirical or a conceptual study.

The course is aimed at participants who have no or little prior experience conducting research in medical education. 

After completing the course, participants will have acquired a vocabulary and a framework for understanding essential concepts in research and familiarity with the principles for their practical implementation. 

The award of the AMEE-RESME Certificate in Medical Education provides evidence of the participant's interest in education and skills related to medical education research. 

All that is needed to participate is access to a broadband internet connection.


The curriculum is organised into consecutive 2-week online modules and is delivered over 12 weeks with a total of six modules.

  • Interactive webinars: led by experts in the filed of research in health professions education.  Each presenter will provide an overview, theoretical foundations, practical applications and latest thinking on the most important aspects of small-group, tutor-moderated asynchronous discussion and activities related to the topic. 
  • Online discussions: research participants will be encouraged to work together to, for example, explore their worldviews, and developmentand articulate individual research questions and proposals.  
  • Key resource materials: reading will be drawn from multiple resources - AMEE guides, the "Researching Medical Education" book, edited by J Cleland and SJ Durning (Wiley, 2015) and journal articles. 
  • Assignments: will be in the form of up to a 500 word written piece addressing questions relating to module content.  For example, the assignment for Module 3 is to critically appraise one or more pre-specified medical education research papers.  Participants will be introduced to systematic approaches for critically appraising different types of research papers in the webinar and by their tutor.  Participants will receive feedback on each module assignment from their tutor.  The last assignment will be in the format of a research proposal for an empirical or a coneptual study on a topic of interest.  


  • The course offers a flexible approach.  You can take part at a place (home or work) and at a time convenient to you. 
  • The course is practical with a simple and clear theoretical underpinning.  The ideas are presented in such a way that they can be applied to your day-to-day work as a teacher or trainer.  
  • You engage with colleagues with a similar interest in a supportive, non-threatening learning environment. 
  • You gain a rich set of resources to support your engagement with the course and for your personal use later.
  • The AMEE-RESME Certificate in Medical Education is awarded to participants who successfully complete the course.


  • Module 1:  Major research traditions and their theoretical underpinnings, including worldview

  • Module 2:  Research design and data collection approaches

  • Module 3:  Critically reviewing relevant literature in order to assess question

  • Module 4:  Identifying your area of interest and preliminary research question

  • Module 5:  Ethical considerations and operationalising the research question into a research plan

  • Module 6:  Writing a research protocol

Specific reading accompanies each module. 

Please anticipate up to five hours per module for self-directed course reading and contributing to the group online discussions and up to five hours per module for completing the assignment.  

Participants who complete the work of the course and a 3000 word report at the end of the course, 
the focus of which will be to write a research protocol linked to course learning and the participant’s own research interest, will be awarded the AMEE-RESME Certificate in Medical Education.  

Registration and fees

Fees include access to the interactive presentations, participation in an online discussion forum facilitated by a tutor, course resource materials, assessment of course work and, if the work is completed satisfactorily, the award of AMEE-RESME Certificate in Medical Education.

  • Standard Fee £545
  • Fee for AMEE members £475
  • Participants from countries less well resourced £285

Registration information coming soon!



The course is led by Professor Jennifer Cleland with Dr Kirsty Alexander, Dr Lorraine Hawick, Professor Margaret Hay, Dr Anna Macleod, Dr Amudha Poobalan and Professor Susan van Shalkwyck.
Dr Lorraine Hawick
Professor Margaret Hay
Dr Anna Macleod
Dr Amudha Poobalan
Professor Susan van Schalkwyk


  • Dates will be announced soon

For more information, please contact [email protected] 

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